Reclaim Your
A 12-Week Transformational Journey
To Embodying Your Brilliance
Everything you desire is waiting for you...
To say YES to your own power!
Release Feeling Stuck
Feeling stuck is a sign that you’ve outgrown your old self. Your old way of being literally doesn't you fit anymore. Feelings of confusion, lack of clarity, and fear of stepping into the unknown are all signs that you’re at the edge of transformation. As messy as this space may feel, it’s a necessary step to becoming the most authentic version of YOU! You’re sitting on the ledge at the tip of your comfort zone and life is asking you to trust yourself; to follow your heart, spread your wings, and fly!
Boldly Follow Your Dreams
You have a dream, an ideal vision for your life. Whether you’re crystal clear on ‘what' or the details are only just starting to form, you want to help serve the world and you want to enjoy your experience while doing it. Quitting your 9-5, traveling the globe, building a business, finding the love of your life, starting a family… Whatever your dreams, they’re just waiting for you to bring them to life! Life celebrates you taking bold moves towards your dreams.
Step into Your Magnificence
Your heart’s desires are your divine treasure map to lasting success, happiness, and fulfillment. The key to manifesting a life you adore is PERMISSION & COMMITMENT. When you give yourself permission to play full out in life, life can’t help but say ‘YES’ in response! When you commit to honoring your desires, the entire Universe supports you in manifesting your magnificence. 
Reclaim Your Radiance
A Virtual 12-Week Guided Group Journey For Lightworkers to
reclaim your personal power, embody your brilliance, and deliberately design a life that lights you up.

Why Reclaim Your Radiance?
Align yourself with your Soul's purpose and intentionally design a life you adore.
Gain Clarity
Moving through the program, you'll gain clarity about what's been holding you back from living a life you deeply love. You will dig in and clean your inner lens so that you can witness your life through new eyes. Once your vision is clear, you’re empowered to making lasting changes.
Mindfully Release
As you become aware of what’s inhibiting you from embodying your brilliance, you will learn practical and powerful tools to consciously release any thoughts, patterns, or behaviors that are keeping you stuck. Mindful release of old habits is the key to long-term success.
Intentionally Plan
Through the process of mindful release, you will create an opening and access the sacred space where your soul resides. With your higher self as your guide, you will deliberately design an empowering future with aligned goals to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.
Take Inspired
Procrastination, fear, and confusion are a thing of the past when you’re moving from a place of inspired action. With your soul on fire from inspiration, previous 'problems’ become opportunities to expand more fully into your True self.
Countdown until the journey begins:
Find your flow. Follow your bliss.
Here's what is included:
Reclaim Your Radiance Program
An 8-module Self-Study Online Video Training with 18+ videos designed to facilitate your release of what is no longer serving you in turn creating room for your divine light to shine through. Combining the videos with exercises and actionable assignments, you will get clear on your soul mission and uncover the map to your ultimate fulfillment. 


Weekly Share & Support Sessions with Your Group
Each week we will meet as a group to discuss any questions regarding the self-study program as well as explore any unique challenges that present themselves along the way. Each person within the group will have the opportunity for personal coaching during the group calls.

Four 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions with Aurianna Joy
Starting with a 90-minute intensive, we will get laser focused on the beliefs, patterns, and habits that are limiting you from being your fully embodied, radiant self! We will then meet privately once each month to check in and create a personalized plan of action to fit your unique needs and desires. 

Private Online Community
Be part of a supportive tribe to catalyze your progress (available to group members only). Sacred community is cultivated from the very beginning of the program. Share your breakthroughs, celebrate your wins, and allow us to hold space for your challenges. We've got your back from start to finish. 
Are you ready to completely transform your life?
What You Will Learn..
Reclaim Your Radiance - Program Outline
Each week you will receive interactive videos, exercises, assignments, rituals, and other inspiration which will guide you to bust through insecurities, fears, worry, and other limitations that hold you captive in a life you've outgrown.
Module 1
Mindset Wizardry
  • Intention: Set yourself up for success by learning the psychology of transformation
  • Breakthrough: Identify the limiting beliefs that keep you from shining your unique light
  •  Results: Gain clarity on how to use your mind to your advantage 
Module 2
Emotional Mastery
  • Intention: Embrace your emotions to make room for all the parts of you
  • Breakthrough: Recognize that each emotion, including the shadow emotions, has its place
  •  Results: Lean to use your emotions as a compass to guide your path
Module 3
Activate Self-Love
  • Intention: Align with unconditional love and acceptance of yourself
  • Breakthrough: Realize that you are exactly who the world needs you to be
  • Results: Move through life with grace and ease, just as you are
Module 4
Soulful Goal Setting
  • Intention: Create an empowering vision for your life that really turns you on
  • Breakthrough: Allow your soul to guide your goals
  • Results: Walk away with a mission statement directly from your Soul
Module 5
Holistic Life Realignment
  • Intention: Realign your inner and outer worlds to match your intentions
  • Breakthrough: Declutter your life and create space for the sacred
  • Results: Calibrate your life to match your Soul's vibration
Module 6
Stimulate Your Superpowers
  • Intention: Learn tips, tricks, and techniques to juice up your soul-inspired life
  • Breakthrough: Remember that you are a alchemist capable of magic
  • Results: Use your superpowers to give life to your biggest dreams
Module 7
Retrain Your Body
  • Intention: Honor your body as a sacred temple
  • Breakthrough: Celebrate the vessel of your soul 
  • Results: Embodiment of your highest potential is inevitable
Module 8
Be The Change
  • Intention: Step into the role you were meant to play
  • Breakthrough: Establish yourself as a leader
  • Result: Move through life creating an impact anywhere you go
Designed by YOU!
  • Mini-course: As a bonus, you'll receive lifetime access to the 3-part mini-series "Life, Designed by YOU!" ($97 value)
  • Love Box: Receive a box of handpicked goodies to propel you forward into your best self ( only available for those in the continental US)
Enrollment closes August 7th, 2017.

Receive your welcome packet August 8th.

Our first live session begins on August 15th.
Love Notes
Check out what private clients are saying about their work with Aurianna
I've finally discovered my inner map!
"My first call with Aurianna was like speaking to this higher part of me.. ‘I have the map, it’s right here, and I trust it, do I read it?’ I asked her.. Each time I work with her, a piece of my map becomes legible- as if it is written in a long lost language I once knew and am now remembering. Speaking with Aurianna is like speaking to grace personified— to my higher self, to the part with in me that knows anything is possible."

Erica Jacquemin, Massage Therapist
I'm so grateful to have been shown the way!
"When I came to Aurianna, I felt lost, overwhelmed and afraid. I had been battling chronic kidney dysfunction and had been living an unconscious lifestyle, overworking myself and disconnected from the inner voice that was telling me to go for my passion. My life took a drastic turn and I decided I was going to change my life but was terrified at the uncertainty I was facing. In my sessions with Aurianna, I received insights and resources that guided me step by step in my new journey. I built a relationship with my intuition and her tailor-made sessions guided my path within to bring out my authentic self."

Natasha Pampin, Holistic Events Coach
Incredibly heartfelt, intuitive, and resourceful!
"Before working with Aurianna, I felt trapped in certain mindsets, belief systems, and stories. I was interested in revising these experiences of mine, but the goal seemed almost too large and overwhelming for me. Investing in a coach, a personal cheerleader, seemed like the obvious next step. During our program, everything that I hoped to accomplish and grow into, happened. In fact, it all surpassed my expectations, as did Aurianna's undying love and support."

I have a rejuvenated sense of self-care and self acceptance.
Before I began working with Aurianna, I was struggling with a deep feeling of overwhelm. I've always been securely rooted in energy work and personal development, however after battling thyroid cancer, healing it holistically, and becoming pregnant, I was not taking time simply to just be in a space of energy healing. My fuse was short. I had no desire for work, even work I truly loved. My greatest hope for working with Aurianna was to have a sense of peace. The ability to breathe. Being able to hold space for myself again. Not only did Aurianna deliver this through an intense healing experience, I was unexpectedly surprised by the visualization and release of very old, childhood obligations. I absolutely love the way I feel after working with Aurianna. My husband has worked with her and we both feel very strongly in her abilities to heal and comfort. After working with Aurianna, I have relaunched my business, started accepting new clients, and have been passionately, peacefully, and fully engaged in my life. I have renewed connection with my husband and my children. A deep desire to pass my energy on to others.  I highly recommend working with her in any capacity, especially One-on-One!

Sarah Barry Bode, Organic Living Specialist, Life Coach, & Yoga Teacher
Working with Aurianna
has been a saving grace
"When I decided to enter into her coaching program, I had indebted myself to a life that left me exhausted and lost at the end of each day. Through our sessions, she taught me how to use my intuition as a guide, and the importance of feeling with your heart; not always thinking with your mind. As a result of that change, I have created a life with more creativity, purpose, and happiness. For that, I am grateful and will forever remember the experience with fondness. If you need true wisdom reintroduced into your life, working with Aurianna is a sure-fire way to achieve that goal."

Michael S., Yogi
She's a great spirit,
authentic and dedicated
"When you work with Aurianna, be prepared to be honest with yourself about yourself. Be prepared to explore who you may be in layers, and figure out what may shed and how to grow. She is very gentle and supportive and will also reliably help you in the direction of your truth. For the boys and men reading this, if you are ready to reclaim your personal power, and feel called to be supported by a great woman who has done a lot of work on herself, then you've found her. Finally, if you think that the purpose of a coach or a guru is anything other than to not need a coach or a guru then you are mistaken. You are reading this because the truth in you is being called to be expressed."

Pure magic!
"I have only just begun to work with Aurianna Joy and already there is magic happening. There are certain people in this world who are catalysts for change. Aurianna is one of them."

Aranyani Kaur, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Massage Therapist
Aurianna is one of the best coaches
I've ever met!
"I've worked with many different counselors, therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists. I can tell you that if you have problems in your life and feel stuck, Aurianna has many important and vital skills to help untie the knots in which you have found yourself."

I.S., Medical Doctor
Imagine living the life your spirit craves...
Who this is for:
This if for you if...
✧ You are tired of mediocrity, you are restless, and you are ready for change
✧ You're done being a victim and ready to be in the driver's seat of your own life
✧ You know you have a unique gift to offer the world
✧ You have a strong desire to be a catalyst for positive change on the planet
✧ You're ready to become a conscious co-creator with the Universe
✧ You're committed to doing what it takes to deliberately manifest a life of fulfilling, soulful alignment
How this program is different:
Grow, learn, and expand in three complimentary ways...
Share your journey with an intimate group of kindred spirits, each dedicated to their own process of personal growth and development. Receive support, reflection, and guidance from a variety of differing perspectives.
Reap the benefits of 1:1 mentorship from a certified holistic success coach. You will walk away from your sessions  with greater personal insight and an individualized road map to embodying your highest potential.
Personal Exploration
In your own time and rhythm, explore the self-study videos and exercises as the foundation for the rest of the program. Quantum leap your personal development with this specially designed curriculum that is easy to understand, access, and apply.
About Aurianna Joy
Aurianna Joy is a Success and Leadership Coach for today's creative visionaries who are ready to reclaim their personal power so they can finally share their unique gifts with the world.

Before guiding others on their journey to holistic success, Aurianna found herself with a chronic illness that led here to explore some of life's deepest questions:

✧ Why are we here?
✧ Do we have to suffer?
✧ How do we live a fulfilling, joyful life and impact the world while doing so?

Her personal journey brought her to explore yoga, meditation, energy healing, and shamanism, which she combines with over 10 years deeply immersed in the world of personal development to bring her clients lasting and sustainable life transformation.

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